Our Question: Do We Trust God?

Numbers 13/Deut 1 Trusting God…

Why is that we need to have proof that we can trust God? Has He ever not provided just what we need when we need it? Has He ever abandoned us? The enemy of our souls, Satan places these “deadly d’s” into our path and God allows them to test what we know with what we do.

The Israelites needed proof that they would be able to succeed in their attempt to take the land. What more proof did they need? God had provided their deliverance from Egypt, provided a flame of fire by night to keep marauders and beasts from them, a cloud by day to guide them, food to eat and the Tabernacle to remind them of His presence. Nevertheless. When we read or hear that word our hair should stand up on its end. Nevertheless is a warning signal that, like the Israelites, we have opened the door to the questions of the enemy. Reading between the lines we can surmise that these Israelites had gathered men around them and began to think: what “if” and what “if.” It was then that they brought their concerns to Moses couched in these words “Let’s send some men ahead of us to scout out the land and bring us back word as to how we should attack it and what the cities are like there.”  If God had gone before them in the past why did they need to know what the land was like to move forward? As Moses listened he began to think this might be a good idea. That is a warning signal: When we begin to think what someone else thinks just might be a good idea that we had not considered, we should stop and ask: I wonder what God would say to this? Would he concur? Would he agree? The chapter in Numbers might lead us to consider that it was God’s idea but Moses wrote in Deuteronomy it was the people’s idea and God allowed it. God may allow us to consider such an avenue to “test us” as to whether we will trust Him or not.  We, like Moses, often hear the voices around us and we begin to think in our minds that this might be God’s way of knowing His path. We find ourselves saying, well this is something I had not considered. Perhaps this is a good idea…BUT and we need to insert that word “BUT” here. But means that we have failed to consult God. That is the time we need Psalm 19 more than ever:  Keep me back “from presumptuous sins; let them not rule over me” (Psalm 19 [see NASB as well]). Joshua also failed later to do this as well as in the case of the Gibeonites. And, guess what, we do it now in our time. Failing to consult God brought grievous consequences for the people.They failed to recall what God had done and how he had prepared them. The people went and saw the land but came back with these words: “the land is just as God said NEVERTHELESS  there are giants in the land.” Could not God overcome them?

And guess what? We do it now in our time. When we fail to consult God just as Moses and Joshua, God may allow grievous consequences.The Israelites loss was that they had to do ‘another lap around the wilderness.’ In fact, they did it for 40 yrs! Is that what we want?

Our Challenge:  Recall what God has done for us in the past trusting Him to do it in the future. The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah remind us that God is greater, His thoughts are higher than ours and He has a plan not to harm us but to walk before us and provide for our every need. [Jeremiah 19:1/Isaiah 55] He is faithful and does not sleep nor slumber…He is ever before us and will direct our path. [Proverbs 3:5-6]

Trust Him! Step out and God will be with you.

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