Life is Like A Carousel…Round and Round it Goes

One of my favorite places to visit as a child was a carousel in a park in Auburn, NY. For 25ȼ you could ride and ride up and down on the ponies. Later this carousel would be moved to an inside mall only to disappear after some years; sadly. The carousel is like our world which is spinning faster and faster, taking lives which once were assured only to present more questions than answers. But you as the believer have those answers. Perhaps that is a challenge to us to do as Peter said: “always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.” [1 Peter 3:15]

With technology as our passion and our tool of the information highway of Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or email we will meet people whose questions are almost daunting as we seek to disciple them. They send us on rabbit trails that may lead nowhere!

Case in point:” is it sin to eat blood?” or “I sure I am an apostate because I have sinned; what do I have to look forward to after death?”  🙁

Like you, I too must remember this; we are forging a relationship with them that shows we care. This is where we are to sow the seeds of righteousness before them so that they may choose Jesus as the only way and the only answer to life’s dilemmas.

Beloved, remember this truth as noted in Rom 7, the unbeliever “does not get it and never will get it” because they are in a battle against God. Remember you were once like them as Paul reminded the Colossians and the Ephesians.  They do not have the Holy Spirit within and therefore they are questioning God and themselves. This is the truth according to Rom 1 and Gal 5. We need this list before us when they are asking the “why” questions that should send us to our knees and into the Book!

Or the opposite side of the coin you may find yourself in an online dialog with believers, who like the unbelievers, are also asking:  “why do you [God] make all people so mortal?” [Ps 89:47] Or why is there so much hatred, scoffing, and even unforgiveness amongst believers? I thought we were all about love? What is the answer?

You may not have all the answers but you can point them to this truth: “Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…” [Rom 8:1] Or you can direct them to Habakkuk 3 to remind them that when all of life is falling apart you can still cling to this one truth: “The sovereign Lord is my source of strength.”

Remember this is the battle of the flesh against the Spirit. It is a spiritual battle for which we need the armor of God. [Eph 6] Because it is a spiritual battle those who do not know Him will lose in the end without the intervention of our witness and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ and His work of redemption.

Take time to thank God for your expertise in the use of technology as you forge relationships! Thank God for each interaction He sends your way.


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